Friday, September 29, 2017

Happy Autumn

After completing 5 years of living in Europe, I have a good sense of Western/ Central European life and culture. So here's what rubbed off on me and what ingrained into me:

1. I lost the English language I learnt all life!
Really strange but I can confirm that a language you learn as a child can change in structure as you become an adult. I learnt  British English growing up in India. But then I started learning German 5 years back. The structure of German and now Dutch has rubbed into my vocabulary and language so much that " I have now begun to speak like a Dutch person.

2. Be unapologetic about the directness
One thing I really appreciate about the Dutch culture is the directness and "to-the-point" talking. It cut a lot of unnecessary details out.
But more importantly made my talk precisely. I had struggles with confidence and used to mumble a lot. I personally feel it reduced and clarity increased when I made spoke (in a foreign language sometimes).

3. More kindness, More acceptance
Seems like I should have learnt it in elementary school. But infact I grew up very entitled and self-centered (like most people whose parents provide for them). The typical NRI life is families getting together for potluck Indian dinners every weekend and bitching, about India, about fellow Indians, about the host country. Just negativity.
When I ventured out to meet diverse people whose journey is far different from relating, I just decided to give kindness, acceptance and love.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Amsterdam Uitmarkt - Bolly does it!

You probably know I have taken a liking to Flashmobs. What you see on my blog is only flashmob posts. But there is more to it.

Uitmarkt is a music, dance and cultural festival in The netherlands with 40+ years history and it marks the beginning of the cultural season in Holland. And as a feather in our caps, together with my Bollywood dance group, we were sponsored by Amsterdam Fringe Festival to throw a Flashmob at Uitmarkt. It was definitely a moment of pride to be a part of Fringe considering I had earlier applied to be a Fringe artist and not made it for Amsterdam Fringe 2017.

Art and expression knows no boundaries!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

2017 - Binging on life

This year started so slow, a few successes and failures initially. I tried to change gears and accelerate it but the fate had a different pick-up rate to my gaadi and it crashed down with a big thud. What that gave me was a fixed timeframe to fix it and bring it back to the life I wanted to live or go to the life I had to live. The clock started and I started reaching out to all lifelines. I still think I am living on borrowed time. Therefore I started binging on life.
Sun, Sea and Sailing. Kinda sums it up!

  • Moved to Amsterdam center. I would rather live the Amsterdam life than not.
  • Started biking, sketching by the Amstel and kept the dancing going.
  • Travel to a new town every weekend. Train, bus or bike. Beach, canal or castle.
  • Booked a trip for next month!
  • Got an unlimited movie card. Watching all of those on big screen.
  • Explore restaurants. Not that I didn't do it earlier, but I am binging on life, like I intend to.
  • Booked a theme park! Next will be a spa and the like...

Friday, December 30, 2016

Frosty end of a leap year


So the year indeed is ending. After a bag of mostly unpleasant surprises I am glad this leap year is ending tomorrow. If you have been in touch with me you know I had a rough start to the year and it got rougher until I made drastic changes. However as it ends, today as I stepped out into the -4 degree Amsterdam morning, I caught a moment with these frost coated leaves. And reignited inside a small hope to make the next year better and happier. Happy new year 2017! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Flashmob for cause

Last Saturday a group of countries organized the First International Bollywood Flashmob. Same day - same time - same music - same dance. The motivation for us in Holland was to support the cause with several other demonstrations in support of refugees on the same day 19th march 2016.

13 countries and 17 cities in total practiced for this day with the same choreography and same music mix. Organizers worked out details and kept all city representatives updated. What I really liked about this whole online venture is the way it brought together all the people who have the common interest in Bollywood dancing. Everyone of these people worked together for a positive and non-profit cause. 

So there we are after 2 months of practice, and a permit from Amsterdam Gemeente with a group of 15 people dancing in Museumplein in front of residents, dutch, expats and tourists. Dancing on a cold and cloudy day in bright colours and vibrant bollywood music with the moto : One Love.


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