Sunday, June 18, 2017

2017 - Binging on life

This year started so slow, a few successes and failures initially. I tried to change gears and accelerate it but the fate had a different pick-up rate to my gaadi and it crashed down with a big thud. What that gave me was a fixed timeframe to fix it and bring it back to the life I wanted to live or go to the life I had to live. The clock started and I started reaching out to all lifelines. I still think I am living on borrowed time. Therefore I started binging on life.
Sun, Sea and Sailing. Kinda sums it up!

  • Moved to Amsterdam center. I would rather live the Amsterdam life than not.
  • Started biking, sketching by the Amstel and kept the dancing going.
  • Travel to a new town every weekend. Train, bus or bike. Beach, canal or castle.
  • Booked a trip for next month!
  • Got an unlimited movie card. Watching all of those on big screen.
  • Explore restaurants. Not that I didn't do it earlier, but I am binging on life, like I intend to.
  • Booked a theme park! Next will be a spa and the like...

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Frosty end of a leap year


So the year indeed is ending. After a bag of mostly unpleasant surprises I am glad this leap year is ending tomorrow. If you have been in touch with me you know I had a rough start to the year and it got rougher until I made drastic changes. However as it ends, today as I stepped out into the -4 degree Amsterdam morning, I caught a moment with these frost coated leaves. And reignited inside a small hope to make the next year better and happier. Happy new year 2017! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Flashmob for cause

Last Saturday a group of countries organized the First International Bollywood Flashmob. Same day - same time - same music - same dance. The motivation for us in Holland was to support the cause with several other demonstrations in support of refugees on the same day 19th march 2016.

13 countries and 17 cities in total practiced for this day with the same choreography and same music mix. Organizers worked out details and kept all city representatives updated. What I really liked about this whole online venture is the way it brought together all the people who have the common interest in Bollywood dancing. Everyone of these people worked together for a positive and non-profit cause. 

So there we are after 2 months of practice, and a permit from Amsterdam Gemeente with a group of 15 people dancing in Museumplein in front of residents, dutch, expats and tourists. Dancing on a cold and cloudy day in bright colours and vibrant bollywood music with the moto : One Love.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

2015, the sum up

2015 began on one fine sad morning after one of the many bad nights. That was the beginning. I just kept my hope, because "Hope is a Good Thing" . The rest of this year I lived and strived to prove it.

In January, I had a stormy month. Stormy weather outside the door and inside my head. Stuff happened when M went to India for 2 weeks. Arun visited, we drank dutch beers and ate lots of cheese. I made a trip to Cologne and although it was nothing exceptional, when I returned I had more hope and determined to see sunshine and make something better of what I had. I restarted the dancing that week for an event away in April. Oh yes! That was a good start. Girls started flocking my place and it became an adda.

February was neat as well. We started dancing at a new cafe in Amsterdam Centrum. Every wednesday night that I travelled back in the tram throughout this brightly lit city, I thanked Amsterdam for this is the place I call home. Yeah, I got another pair of Swarovski's ...

March brought out the first performance from us for the year. It was good energy and good karma.

In April, I biked around the Cherry blossoms here. Loved it. Then we drove around to see tulips, which we missed the previous year. Fun, fun and fun! We head off to Bordeaux and enjoyed a few days of sunshine in the wine valley. Was a really good trip. I started running in April.
The best thing is all of Netherlands celebrates my birthday because it is the King's day on April 27th. So I will never again have a sad-turned-a-year-older-day as long as I am in NL. I don't remember much details from my birthday as I was smashed in happiness.

In May we made a long trip to Croatia and Montenegro. The south was so warm and happy. Then I became the star of the month at work. Happy! And I ran the colour run! It was 5 km of colours, ecstatic!!!

June was good. Ash visited. I joined the outdoor watercolour painting group and painted so regularly. And I ran my second run. Zuidas run! Another medal :)

July was our Bollywood performance in Nyenrode Uni. I loved the crowd, the cheering and token of appreciation. For the most part I biked and ran.

In August, I partied at Gay pride parade, girls nights , picnics... all of those European summer thingys. And we performed at India independence Day. That was a milestone, got us lot of regard and more people joined us after.
Went of boat parties and Sail Amsterdam. Stuff I love and appreciate about my Amsterdam life. We headed off the south of France for the last of summer. Was an amazing beach holiday!!!

September was again performances from us.

In October we went for a week to Germany and met up with all the old gang. this is what I love about being in different places and calling them home. the warmth and love when we meet is too heartening to trade off for anything.
October was the biggest performance ever. 17 thousand people flocked the Diwali festival celebration and we performed. Big big deal for me. And lots of celebration.
I trained and finished the 3rd run in best time of the year. TCS run in October.

November had Kannada Rajyotsava. Danced and supported Kannada. We made a trip to Dusseldorf and partied crazy for a weekend. Went to Bollywood parties and partied. That's what you do when winter is starting. In general partied!

And December was our long year end trip. 8 days of Spain and Portugal. Madrid and Lisbon, the Sangrias, Flemencos, Tapas, churros, Sangria ( did I say that), long walks on the warm coast, sea food, Sangria (!!!)...
Ok I went to Nuremberg again for my Bollywood and Christmas chicken fix!

Happy 2016, now go and pull that level up!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

One moment of glitz

October 31 of 2015 happens to be the one  biggest high. It was Diwali festival celebrations in Holland. And the Indians,expats and Surinamese make it a big deal. This year was a huge 17000+ visitors to the festival and we were up dancing on stage with all these people watching us. Someone just asked me jokingly later "what are you? Madonna? " . And I said,yes I feel like that.
Me and the group I got together were up on stage, feeling absolutely great after weeks and months of practice. On a low day like today is when I look back on these amazing things that I am grateful to have had.


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